Doterra Oils

Elevate Your Life with dōTerra Essential Oils

Doterra oils have become a staple in my life & our household. I don’t travel anywhere without them now! I love these oils not only for the quality of the product but also for the high ethical standards of the company. The oils are certified pure therapeutic grade which means they’re a step above organic, so I feel reassured know I’m using the best of the best! The company holds the values of supporting & empowering the communities they partner with through building schools, housing, wells, providing equipment and security of a paycheck. Most of the farmers have been taken advantage of by third party brokers, which is why Doterra works directly with the farmers, no middle men. In a time where we are more particular than ever about where we source our products & the people it impacts- you can feel confident partnering with Doterra for you & your family!

Want Essential Oils of Your Own?

We will be utilizing essential oils in all of our upcoming offerings and we have a whole class about essential oils towards the end of the month. We love the oils to enhance so many aspects of our lives, but especially using them with intention during our offerings! They bring a whole new feeling to your experience and help us feel more connected even through Zoom. If you would like to use these oils along with us in class please send us a message! We will gladly ship you 2 sample oils!

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