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Mantra, Movement & Meditation

Join me as we take time to connect to our inner blissful state & explore ways to bring a sense of peace with us throughout our day using mantra. Using mantra, a simple phrase to focus the mind, when our minds wander is a great tool for mindfulness whether in yoga, driving, with your family or anywhere!  We will open class by focusing on grounding so you can intuitively find the mantra that is needed for your practice. We will find movement & I’ll remind you to recall your mantra throughout the practice to bring you back into the present, into your body. We will close class with a guided meditation, sure to leave you feeling blissful, centered & present. If you’re looking to find new ways to incorporate mindfulness while connecting with your body & soul this class is for you!

Women’s Full Moon Circle 

The moon has been our guiding force for millennia and she still offers the same guidance & illumination today. The moon represents the feminine energy, as the sun represents the masculine. She pulls on the tides of Earth as she pulls on our watery emotions, showing us darkness & light in equal proportions. When the moon is at her brightest she is offering a time of reflection, shining light to clearly see what needs our attention. As women, there is power when we gather, connect, share & support, especially under the brilliance of Luna’s light. During this sacred circle, we will practice breathwork, meditation, self-reflection, sharing & learn about the effects of the current moon energy. Join the sisterhood for this monthly gathering!

Essential Oils 101 with Chris & Carrlee

Curious about essential oils? Maybe you already use them & would like to learn more about how they can safely benefit your life. Maybe you’re like essential what? Either way you’ll find something new in this workshop and discover how to start implementing them as part of your self-care routine. Essential oils are a wonderful way to utilize nature’s remedies from digestive health, hormonal balance, sleep, sore muscles & so much more! We will be using essential oils for a sensory experience in the class so make sure to bring your samples! Don’t have any samples yet? Send me a message & you’ll get a treat in the mail! 

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