Class Descriptions

  • Bhakti Flow
    • Start your morning in a blissful state! We will use slow & mindful movement to develop connection between body, breath and soul. Each practice begins with mantra, a tool to focus the mind & bring a sense of calm. This sense of centering will carry through to our movement as we flow through an all-levels vinyasa designed to challenge you while staying in a meditative space. The practice will close with stillness and a brief meditation. All-levels class, no experience is necessary.
  • Yin Yoga
    • Allow yourself time and space to release and open. Yin Yoga is the balance to our strength-based physical practices. We will find space in your body through depth, stillness, and time in a pose. We move into postures and find a depth that we can maintain for 2-5 minutes and begin the process of releasing all while trying to find stillness in our body and mind. Yin is a very meditative and opening practice. Soft, gentle music will be played to help create a calming environment. This is an all-levels practice.